Keep in mind: side by side installation SQL 2K8 – SQL 2K8 R2 & Replication Components

Hi all,

this is just a quick blog post as a short reminder regarding side by side installations. I just want to share my little experience I made yesterday. Maybe it is obvious for most of you, for me it was a little surprise.

Most of the database servers I support are SQL Server 2008 installations. Some of these also have snapshot replication enabled.

To prepare the launch of a new application / migration of an existing application we made a side by side installation. Beside an existing SQL Server 2008 there´s now a SQL Server 2008 R2 as well. And guess what? After the installation of  SQL 2K8 R2, replication jobs were failing on the SQL 2K8 instance. Also, in the job history of the corresponding SQL Agent Jobs there was an entry about a missing file. After a little research I figured out that the distrib.exe was no longer available.

So what happened? The R2 instances where installed without the SQL Server Replication components since these are no longer needed for the new application. So the installer  (for whatever reason) removed the existing replication components which where used by the SQL 2K8 instances.

The good thing is that I could easily reinstall the Replication components and now the replication jobs are running fine again.


Über Dirk Hondong

A MS server and ms sql server admin guy from germany. want to improve my skills a little bit, sharing my daily experience
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