IDERA SQL cruise contest

The adventure of the urgently needed test system

Let me tell you a story about a system administrator and DBA for a retailer.

His name: Dirk “Sherlock“ Hondong.

Our story begins on a early Monday morning in December…

It was a cold day, no sunrise yet and fog was all around the city.

“Sherlock“ went to the office at about 6 o’clock this morning, still very sleepy.

The first task this day for him was: Get into the kitchen and grab a big mug of coffee!

Then he arrived at his desk and a little flashing red light on the telephone showed him that he already missed a call. Who would call him so early in the morning?

He examined the caller list. There was only one entry: Mr. Black.

Mr. Black was also a administrator, who reside in a branch office. “Sherlock” was a little bit surprised. Mr. Black normally started to work at about 9 o’clock. Why was he so early in the office?

Only a phone call could solve this little riddle.

A nervous voice was on the other side of the phone: “Hello? This is Mr. Black speaking.”

“Hello Mr. Black, it´s me, Dirk Hondong”.

“For heavens sake! I need you right now. You have to help me. The deadline. The test environment. The….”

“Stop! Calm down.”, “Sherlock” interrupted Mr. Black, took a sip of coffee and resumed “First things first. Now, it seems you have a problem with a test environment. You now, normally I do not take care of your “special testing purposes” systems, since you often disregard our recommendations and in the SLA´s it is mentioned that you have to take care of your systems.”

“I know”, Mr. Black sheepishly replied “but now I really have a problem. The employees from the controlling department need our test system today for special reporting tasks which they do not want to run against the production environment. Therefore I have made backup of the production database on the weekend and restored it this morning on our test server. The restore was fine but when I tried to access the database I got an error.”

“What kind of error? You have to provide me a few more informations, otherwise it´s always a little bit difficult to help you.”

“Well”, Mr Black´s voice calmed down a little bit, “it is a access denied error. You know, I am no database administrator. I can run the setup.exe of SQL Server, click next, next finish and the SQL Server is there. And I also know how to use BackupExec to move a database from one server to another, but…” Mr. Black stopped speaking.

“But what?”

“…but that´s it. You know I do not often have to deal with the database servers. The controlling department asked for all the different access groups which are set on the production server. I am running out of time and no groups are there and…” Mr. Black´s voice became anxious again.

“Ok, I think I know how to help you quickly”, “Sherlock” replied. “I have this nice and handy SQL Admin Toolset available and now…” “Sherlock made a few clicks, started the Idera SQL Admin Toolset and then choose Login Copy “…tell me the name and the instance of the production server and the name and instance of your test environment server”.

“Ehm, yes, yes. Ehm. The the the production server is FinanceProd and the test server is FinanceTest” Mr. Black stuttered.

“Really fancy server names” “Sherlock” was amused, typed the server names into the Login Copy tool, selected all available groups and copied them to the test server.

“Ok, Mr. Black. That´s it. Now all your access groups from the production server also have access to the test server. Just as the controlling department asked for”.

Mr. Black was really happy again. The test server was available right in time.

“But wait!” “Sherlock said “If you want I can also run a check of your test server to see if there is anything else we may have to take care of.”

Mr. Black replied: “Do you really think that is a good idea? There is no much time left until the controlling department starts to work”

“I am really sure. If have a new colleague here in my office. He´s a doctor, brought to us by Idera. The SQL doctor. He will help us to analyse the performance of our SQL Servers as well as YOUR server configuration….” “Sherlock smiled again.

Here ends our little story and we all can be sure that there will be a great teamwork between “Sherlock” and the “Doctor”.


Über Dirk Hondong

A MS server and ms sql server admin guy from germany. want to improve my skills a little bit, sharing my daily experience
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