SQL2K8R2 BPA again…. because I was a little bit wrong

I have to apologize, because I made a little mistake in my previous post.

It is correct that the MBCA has a problem running properly when group policies are defined, BUT I was wrong with the remote scanning.

Let me explain my little “mistake”:

If you´re running the MBCA there are two ways scanning a machine.

1. choosing ‘Connect to another Computer’ as shown here


Then you´ll probably get the error as described in the previous post (the execution policy stuff)

So, the 2nd way to go is:

Choose the SQL Server 2008 BPA from Dropdown menu and click ‘Start Scan’


In the next menu, you can define parameters for scanning as well as another computer!


So, sorry that I was wrong saying you cannot scan remote computers easily.

I will try to play around a little bit with the BPA. If I find more interesting stuff or issues, I will let you know.


Über Dirk Hondong

A MS server and ms sql server admin guy from germany. want to improve my skills a little bit, sharing my daily experience
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3 Antworten zu SQL2K8R2 BPA again…. because I was a little bit wrong

  1. Vinny schreibt:

    Interesting blog notes: Thanks for that. I have been running into problems with running BPA 2008 R2.
    when trying it with command line i got a message in the error log Engine Rules Execution Interrupted – Current User Name is unavailable or is disabled on (COMPUTERNAME)

    My other woes on running this are mentioned in my post at SQLSERVERCENTRAL.com


    Any help would be appreciated


    (post moved from old blog to new one)

  2. Vin schreibt:

    resolved the problem by tweaking some of the .ps1 files for BPA:


    (comment moved from old blog to new one)

    • Dirk Hondong schreibt:

      Hi Vin,

      thx for the comments and sharing your experience.
      Also sorry that I didn´t reply your 1st comment.

      And one more information:
      feleryan.wordpress.com isn´t the recent url anymore.
      Therefore I have moved your comments to my actual blog.
      I´m not sure why the old adress is still accessible. I think I´ll drop it in near future.

      Maybe you can correct the url at ask.sqlservercental.com as well


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